Utilities - Choose Brisbane



As one of Australia's largest and fastest growing trade and industry regions, the requirement for utilities within Australia TradeCoast is significant, and will continue to grow as more businesses choose to locate within the area over the coming years. The need to provide sufficient gas, water and electricity supplies to allow for this growth has been recognised by Australia TradeCoast's partners along with the utility providers, and in addition to the significant investments made to date, planning is underway for the future infrastructure requirements of the region.

  • Gas - Reticulation networks within Australia TradeCoast are well established, and have the capacity to meet all anticipated requirements in the short to medium term.

  • Electricity - Powerlink's 275 kV transmission system proposals include new transmission substations at Larapinta and Nudgee, and new 275 kV transmission lines from South Pine to Nudgee and from Nudgee to Murarrie, effectively closing the 275 kV ring around Brisbane. This should provide adequate security and capacity for Australia TradeCoast's requirements for the next 20 years.

  • Water - Australia TradeCoast is home to two of the three advanced water treatment plants that make up the Western Corridor Recycled Water Network. These advanced water treatment plants are located at Luggage Point and Gibson Island, and the high quality water that they produce is now available for use in the surrounding industrial area. This positions Australia TradeCoast as the ideal location for water intensive industries that require both and affordable and reliable supply.

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