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Studies and Surveys

In collaboration with its key partners, Australia TradeCoast Limited has undertaken numerous studies and surveys to ensure the region’s infrastructure needs are met. The completed studies undertaken over the last few years are listed below.

ATC Business Occupant Survey (2011)

This project was undertaken to enable ATC Limited to better understand the businesses located within the region, to enhance communication and to uncover impediments to growth. To download the ATC Business Occupant Survey key findings.

ATC Freight Study (2009)

This project was undertaken to quantify the Freight task, identify any necessary changes to the road / rail mode share, examine the capacity of the freight network to transport the freight task and to identify the strategic infrastructure and freight management system.

ATC Transport Study (2008)

The study, coordinated by Queensland Transport, aimed to provide long term transport options for travel to, from and within the ATC region. Issues include, road and rail upgrades, the development of a road network, freight movements, public transport (bus and rail), and expected employment growth.

Economic Assessment and Forecast Study (2008)

This report was undertaken to determine the economic impact and value that the Australia TradeCoast region contributes to the Queensland and South East Queensland economies. Appreciating the economic impact of the region and forecasting for the future enables Australia TradeCoast, its partners, business associates, government, investors and potential investors to make informed decisions about future business opportunities and infrastructure and land use requirements.

ATC North Drainage and Fill Study (2007)

The North Drainage and Fill Study was undertaken to provide a coordinated drainage and fill strategy to meet Australia TradeCoast’s growth objectives. The strategy applies the principles of Integrated Water Resource Management, identifies areas for future drainage infrastructure, outlines areas suitable for development and acts as a tool for future planning and budgeting.

Strategic Infrastructure Plan (2007)

This report coordinates and consolidates the various master-planning activities undertaken throughout the area, taking the State Government’s SEQ Infrastructure Plan and Program 2005-2026 into account. It maps out infrastructure needs in the region, outlines a land-use plan and provides an overarching vision for Australia TradeCoast to plot the way forward as well as a program of works.

Public Transport Study (2006)

This study completed in 2006 identified the key current and future needs for the ATC region including new bus and train services and supporting infrastructure.

Water Optimisation Study (2005)

This integrated water plan provided a strategy for the current and future water supply requirements in the ATC precinct.

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