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Geographic Location & Timezone

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Globally connected

Brisbane is conveniently positioned to operate across three time zones because of its location on the east coast of Australia. This allows companies to access a 24-hour business cycle encompassing the Asian time zone, and tapping into the closing of American and opening of European business days. This is a critical advantage, especially for firms in the information and communication technology sector where access to these development and support cycles is crucial. 

Your link to Australia, Asia, and the world

As the closest eastern seaboard capital city to Asia, Brisbane also offers unparalleled shipping and transport opportunities. 

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The Port of Brisbane is one of the fastest-growing container ports in Australia. It is serviced by more than 35 shipping lines and is up to five sailing days closer to Asia than the ports of Sydney and Melbourne (Sourece: Port of Brisbane Corporation, Shipping Handbook 2013/14). Just 24km from the city’s Central Business District, the port has world-class cargo-handling and warehousing facilities.

Brisbane Airport is acclaimed as one of the world’s best airports, providing fast, direct access to Australia, Asia, the US and beyond. Consisting of seven integrated precincts, it is a 970ha, 24-hour global trade and commerce centre. With 34 airlines now servicing Brisbane, it offers global connections and direct access to travel hubs including Singapore, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Dubai. Billions of dollars’ worth of infrastructure and improvement works are scheduled, including a new parallel runway, expansion of the domestic terminal, and development of aviation-related industry precincts.