Student blog: what I gained from studying my degree in Brisbane

Joy - student blog

By Lorilee Joy Buado

Joy was a Brisbane International Student Ambassador in 2017 and studied a Masters of Public Health at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Joy is a medical professional and is an advocate of health and wellness.

"I completed my postgraduate studies in Brisbane with a Distinction. This is proof that my international studies have brought out the best in me."

As a medical doctor in the Philippines, I firmly believe that continuing medical education, training and enhancing professional skills are very important factors for the improvement of my medical career. I always aspire to be well-prepared for my present and future patients. More importantly, I want to learn how to become a health leader or a health manager while being an advocate of health and wellness.

Two years ago, I decided to study my Masters of Public Health in Brisbane. My decision came because I wanted to learn more about becoming a health manager and researcher in the field of Public Health. This was a big dream that was fully supported by my loving parents, whom I can say are the best in the world!

Joy - student blog

The processes of my student visa and university enrolment in Brisbane were all smooth and I easily got in to post-graduate studies at Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

During my first few months of studying in QUT, I was very happy to know that I had classmates that were also medical doctors coming from different countries. We all shared similar study goals and we were very happy to share our thoughts during lectures. We discussed true scenarios in medical practices in our countries and how we could apply the things we learned when we returned home after completing our studies .

Here are some of the key takeaways I learned from studying in Brisbane.

1. I now have first-hand knowledge of one of the best health systems in the world

In my opinion, Australia has one of the best health systems in the world. Having learned how the comparative health systems work in different parts of the world, I have became more idealistic as a medical practitioner.

2. I am more aware of the International Standards of medical practice

Joy - student blog

Learning the international standards of medical practice have been a big help for me to set a higher benchmark in my own medical practice in the Philippines. Aside from that, I have learned how to use health promotion programs as a powerful tool for prevention of prevalent diseases.

3. I am more research-oriented

Research is essential to medical field. My study in Brisbane made me a more in-depth researcher. Further, I can now more easily identify what is a valid and invalid medical research.

I have learned the different health management skills. Management skills are new to me, but since my academic foundation with this newly acquired skill is from Australia, it has made me more confident.

4. I am more confident with patients

Joy - student blog

Brisbane is a multicultural city that caters to tens of thousands of international students. Since I was exposed to people from a wide variety of cultures from the university and the Study Brisbane Ambassador Program, I have become more confident when working with foreign clients in our country.

I completed my postgraduate studies in Brisbane with a Distinction. This is proof that my international studies have brought out the best in me.

Joy - student blog

Upon arriving home, more opportunities came my way not only as a doctor but also as a health manager. At present, I am now a Clinic Manager in an ISO-certified clinic branch in the Philippines.

All I can say is that if you are determined to study abroad, go for it! Dreams do come true if you have faith and courage to go out of your comfort zone. While tossing up over the choices of where to study abroad, choose Brisbane because it is one of the best places for international students as you can consider it your home away from home.

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